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Becoming a diver has never been so fun. Check out our Scuba Diving Courses.

Feel Like Trying Diving Out For The First Time?

Try Dive

Haven’t Dived in A While And Need To Get Refreshed?


Try Dive

Ever wanted to try scuba diving but a little hesitant and unsure if you want to take up the Open Water Course just yet? Then this short program is perfect for you. You'll be breathing underwater in no time.

No need to worry of fishes just yet, all of it is done in an easy pool environment

Only takes a few hours, perfect for a fun adventurous date!


Discover what it’s like to scuba dive for the first time

Refresher Dive

Maybe it's been awhile since your last dive, or maybe you've forgotten the difference between BWRAF and SORTED. We'll get you back in tune, and be diving like a Pro and ready for your next dive trip.

Customizable schedule from 9am right upto 10pm.


Polish up all your dive skills to perfection.

Refresh your Scuba Diving basics.

Haven’t done a Night dive yet? Let’s bring out the Torchlights.